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It's The Happiest Time of The Year!

You never know who your friends (or spouses or friends of spouses) know. During the typical rush of holiday party bashes, you have a chance to meet people you never knew existed, and you play your cards well you'll greatly expand your networking scope. 
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The Value of Contemporaneous File Notes

How many times have you recounted a bad situation, a bad conversation, some negative event, to have the person you're speaking with ask simply, "Can you prove that?" If you've made and kept accurate file notes, the answer is, yes.

This is how you protect yourself. 
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Doctors Have Changed, Medical Practice Hasn't

Greatest Generation, Boomers, Gen X, Millennials... as the generations separate from one another their distinctions become more and more important to shaping the practice of medicine. Unfortunately, the education, training and practice of medicine have proven tone-deaf and unable to keep up. That's why so many physicians are seeking to leave practice today.   
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Globalize Your Career Transition

Just like our global economy, in career change, transition and management, everything is interconnected. Always look for the interconnectedness of every opportunity, networking interaction or job offer. Openness inspires growth, compartmentalization creates barriers. 
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