The 10 questions below represent many of the initial questions I have with new physician clients. They help me gauge where clients reside on the readiness scale for Career Transition. If you're ready to see how you measure up, answer the questions below and click submit. You'll be taken to the answer page with explanations. 

If you want me to review your answer and discuss them with you, just enter your contact information before clicking on Submit. I'll contact you in 24-hours or less to discuss.

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Question 1: If I’m asked, what job I’m looking for, my most likely response:
Question 2. I spend most of my career development time.
Question 3. If asked why I’m leaving medicine I:
Question 4. I have a stump speech
Question 5. My stump speech contains the following items. Check all that you currently use.
Question 6. A good stump speech is how long
Question 7. When it comes to "networking" I am:
Question 8. To qualify and get a new, nonclinical job I would do best if I had:
Question 9. When requested I provide potential employers my:
Question 10. The help I need most to be able to transition into a nonclinical job is (check all that apply):