What's your Digital IQ? 

If your answer is I don't know or I don't really know what you're talking about, it's time to change that. I advised for years the need to be computer adapt, to be near expert with typical Microsoft Office applications and to have an appropriate presence on LinkedIn® and some other professional - stress professional, networking sites. But today, with social distancing likely to become the Webster word of the year you need to know more. You need to know how to use communications apps like Zoom and WhatsApp, how to blog and how to publish online. You need to be an expert digital communicator. 

Take this test to rate yourself. At the end, you can click HERE if you'd like to discuss your Digital IQ with me, Robert Priddy. test

Scoring: At the end please click DONE to see your results

Since multiple scored answers are available for several questions, the 100% is not a possible outcome. Use the ranges below to measure your Digital IQ.
  • 25-27 --- You're a Digital Pro - Great
  • 20-24 --- Better than average, but room to improve
  • 15-19 --- You show interest, but much to learn
  • Below 15 --- Time for a crash course!
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