As we emerge from the COVID Pandemic and move to the COVID Endemic...

Today, the news is a mixed bag and it all depends on where you live and what month it is: deaths are on a roller coaster, vaccinations are up, today, but so are hospitalizations and the trend lines are written in pencil rather than pen.  

Regardless, business is working to level itself and regain the lost footings of the past year. The focus on hiring is being refreshed, and some of the positive lessons of a pandemic are beginning to be recognized and, more importantly, institutionalized the word "endemic" creeps into our conversations. Efforts are underway to fight back against the politicization of public health, and with that, approaches and perspectives on population health management are being reevaluated in a more emergent light.

What does that mean for you:
In a word, opportunity. First, positions are starting to be filled. If you want a job, now is the time to get yourself teed up to make the right decisions and to present yourself as a solution - a solution to the "problem" you want to solve.

It also means it's time to become creative. If you've ever begun a sentence with the words, "this may be a crazy idea, but," now could just be the right time for that crazy idea - if it relates to healthcare, if it is intended to address issues of communicable disease, if it effects specific and or definable populations. Now is that time. Now is the time to make sure you can express that idea as part of a plan, and that you can relate it to a positive economic argument. 

If you're seeking that opportunity, if you have that idea, you'll need a clear implementation plan to be successful. Let's discuss how.

Now you need a different kind of help. And, you're going to have to make different kinds of decisions. 

Your most pressing question is going to be, "What NonClinical Career is Out There for Me?" Not just what's out there, but what's out there for you. 

And I'll help you answer it by learning your interests, your skills and your knowledge. Every physician is different, and what's out there for you is defined by what you want to do . Tell me about yourself and we'll get started finding your right nonclinical career.

Your nonclinical career can begin here.

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