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Physicians don't seem to "blog," but I'm always adding content and commentary. If you leave a comment, I will respond, and if you have a topic you'd like me to write about just TEXT it to me HERE. If you want to message, email or talk with me off-line, here is the link.
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Change Your Strategy for NonClinical Career Success

Seeking a non-clinical job is a different world from working with medical recruiters. Your focus is on being active, proactive and building a strong value proposition for yourself, while effectively communicating your Intelligence, your Background and your Personality. 
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Are You Tired of NOT Being in Control?

Life on the assembly line: From the time you walk into the office until you leave someone else is controlling your time, your schedule, your availability. Calls and visitors are screened and everything within your staff's power is focused on keeping you on-time with your patients. 
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Do you have what it takes for a nonclinical career?

Why do so many highly intelligent, highly trained and highly skilled people, i.e. physicians, feel they are so limited in their career choices and options? You can answer that question as well as I can. But, in answering it, is your belief really reasonable?
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